TAIR demo

The demo is focused on the requirements and concepts of the Draf AI Act. The first demo explores the Title III of the Draft AI Act related to High-Risk AI System requirements. The second demo explores the concepts from the Draft AI Act. The TAIR ontology provides information about requirements from a legal document, the Draft AI Act, in this case, dividing the information into chapters, articles, requirements, constraints, concepts, and definitions. The requirements demo contains the following fields:

  • Chapter: corresponds to chapters in the Draft AI Act document.
  • Article: corresponds to articles in the Draft AI Act document.
  • Requirement: corresponds to the article's paragraphs, e.g., Article 17.1_R3a, where "17" corresponds to the article number; "1" corresponds to the article's paragraph number; "R3" corresponds to the number of the requirement in the paragraph; and "a" identifies a sub-requirement, if any.
  • Requirement definition: displays the requirement's definition.
  • Related Concept(s): identifies the lexical entries or concepts related to a particular requirement, if any.
  • Concept definition: displays the concept's definition or lexical entry definition.
  • Related AI MSS requirement: identifies the related AI MSS requirements to a particular requirement, if any.
  • Requirement definition: display the related requirement's definition. If the related requirement is a collection, it will be shown the description of the collection; in another case, the requirement's description will be provided.

The concepts demo contains the following fields

  • AI concept: the list of concepts defined in the Draft AI Act document.
  • AI lexical entry: the list of concepts not defined in the Draft AI Act.
  • Definition: the concept definition (if the concept is defined in the Draft AI Act).
  • Requirements related: a list of requirements related to the selected concept or lexical entry.